Bad Night with Allergies

Posted by barb on Apr 19, 2003 in Uncategorized |

I woke up at 2 AM in a bad coughing fit. I tried for half an hour to get back to sleep, but I kept coughing — the deep throat coughing that makes it sound like you’re losing a lung. The worst part was that the coughing was part of a dream as well. I was trying to deliver something, and every time I started coughing, I had to start over. So at about 2:30 AM, I got up and watched The Princess Diaries. It was a cheesy, but fun distraction.

Finally I went back to bed, and was able to sleep until about 9 AM. I’ve been in a tired and headachy daze all day.

Oh, I tried to get a digital camera today, since my federal tax return showed up in my bank account. First I went to the Mac store at Tyson’s Corner Mall, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted any of the ones they had there. So then, later, Andrew and I went to Microcenter. I found the camera I think I want, a Nikon Coolpix 3100, but after searching the store for half an hour and finally finding someone to help us, they said it was out of stock. I guess I’ll get it online, then. At least I was able to see it at their display, so I know what I’m buying.

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