New Camera (Whoo-Hoo!)

Posted by barb on Apr 22, 2003 in Cute Pets, Pictures, Random Thoughts |

Since I’ve started putting more and more pictures on my web pages, it seemed silly to continue scanning all of them by hand, especially since I can still get nice 4×6 inch prints of digital pictures through iPhoto or Shutterfly. So, when I saw that my federal tax return had appeared in my checking account, I decided to go get one. We tried this weekend, but after much frustration at the local Microcenter, I ended up at home, ordering through MacMall .

It arrived today! I love FedEx package tracking, cuz I knew it was going to arrive today. At 6:30 AM it arrived at the Dulles airport, and by 7:40 AM it was on a truck that I knew would be stopping by my house before close of business.

Anyway, here’s my first pictures:

Ares with the new camera
A not-too-great zoom-in of Ares.

Artemis with the new camera
A much better picture of Artemis (with Ares in the background)

Duncan with the new camera
And Duncan cleaning himself. Awww.

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