Yard Work

Posted by barb on Apr 20, 2003 in Uncategorized |

I want to make our back and front “yards” look more like yards, so we went to Home Depot yesterday to get some top soil and grass seed/fertilizer/mulch mix. Currently the back yard is dirt. There were wood chips at some point, but they’re pretty sad looking. There are also wood dividers, giving five different sections — one “big” one that’s about 9.5’x7.5′, another that’s 9.5’x5′, and the other three are each about 3.5’x5′. The back yard has a very slight decline, which I assume is why the wood dividers were added. I was hoping to get rid of them, since the grass would serve to keep the dirt from sliding downhill. After digging for a while, I was only able to get rid of one divider, combining two of the 3.5’x5′ sections. Well, at least that was something.

I broke up the existing dirt, spread out the new top soil and put down seed on the new 7’x5′ section and the 3.5’x5′ section. I ran out of seed/mulch after that. I’m hoping to finish the rest of the back yard later this week. We wanted to start back there, so that if it’s a dismal failure, at least its not as public as the front yard. If grass starts taking root in the back yard in the next month or so, I’ll probably start in the front yard.

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