Apple X11 and OS 10.2.6

Posted by barb on May 12, 2003 in Random Thoughts |

I was nearly panicking yesterday when I realized that while I could get Xspec running (an X-ray spectral fitting program that I’m using for my thesis), I could not get it to plot my spectra. I could set the plotting device without a problem, and the pgplot server would seem to come up. However, when I asked it to plot, at first X11 would crash, but after installing a few more libraries, nothing happened. No plot. Oddly enough, if I asked for a hard copy of the plot, the PS file would look fine.

Today I decided to try using XDarwin instead of Apple’s X11 beta. Lo and behold, the plotting worked fine. Since I had Xspec and pgplot working fine under X11 on the old Mac, I wonder if the problem has to do with the new OSX update (10.2.6).

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