Curse of the Demon

Posted by barb on May 16, 2003 in Movies |

3/5 stars

Andrew rented this from netflix, and originally I told him that I wasn’t interested. However, I caught a couple minutes, and it didn’t look like a typical cheesy 50s horror flick, so I told him to hold off on sending it back.

The basic story is that Professor Harrington is killed after incurring the wrath of Dr. Karswell, a cult leader who uses witchcraft. Professor Harrington was to participate in a conference in London debunking paranormal activities. Dr. Holden, an American collegue of Harrington, arrives in London shortly after Harrington’s death. And finds that Karswell is now after him to stop is expose. Holden starts to experience weird things after an encounter with Karswell at the museum…

This is definitely more psychological that I thought it would be. At times, it was almost reminiscent of a Hitchcock film.

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