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3.5/5 stars

Marnie (Hedren) is a pathological thief — she runs from city to city taking jobs which afford her the opportunity to eventually run off with the contents of the company safe. Mark Rutland (Connery), despite having an inkling that she was the woman who cleaned the safe of a business associate, hires her at his publishing house. At her first opportunity, she runs off with the money, but this time is tracked down by Rutland. Instead of turning her over to the police, he marries her!

Andrew and I were a bit confused by Rutland (Connery’s character). We don’t really know what possesses him to marry marnie — he seems to have a bit of an illness himself in taking her on. However, this is the first Hitchcock in a while that we have both liked…perhaps we need to stick with the later rather than earlier Hitchcock.

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