Gershwin Galore!

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We bought tickets for the NSO “Gershwin Galore” show at Wolf Trap a couple weeks ago. We figured that it had to stop raining all the time by then, so we bought lawn tickets. Hee hee hee. Our county was under a storm warning pretty much all day, and in the afternoon we went to Target to get a couple lawn chairs to sit on, since the lawn would undoubtedly be wet. While we were there, the clouds rolled in. About a half hour later, while checking out a local used bookstore (McKays, which had a very large selection of sci-fi!), the rain started pouring down.

Well, nothing to do but go to the concert with an umbrella.

As it turned out, the storm must have passed to our south, because we didn’t get rained on, and in fact the clouds broke up just enough to see a couple of stars. The storm didn’t dissipate, though, because right as the orchestra was hitting the last note, a flash of lightening sparked in the distance.

Pieces that we heard:

Cuban Overture — I quite liked this one. I had forgotten that this one was first, and wondered why the Piano Concerto had a Caribbean feel to it. Duh!

Piano Concerto in F

Rhapsody in Blue — always love to hear this one. It reminds me of my first date with Andrew nearly three years ago, when we went to see Fantasia 2000

Porgy and Bess suite

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