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Wow! We did a lot today, and I can barely move!

We started in Fells Point Baltimore , where we had lunch at a cool Egyptian restaurant.

Maggie in Fells Point

We did not have enough time in Fells Point — I think next time we’ll dedicate at least half a day to the area.

From there, we headed a bit north to the American Dime Museum . I’d been there with Andrew earlier this year, but I thought Maggie would enjoy it. It’s a bit weird, and not everyone I know would “get it”. (In fact, a couple people, possibly a mother and son, came in after us, and had disappeared before we had even completed one room.)

Finally, we went to the National Aquarium . I’d been waffling on whether to bring Maggie there or not. It wasn’t that I thought she might not enjoy it, but I’ve already been three times in the last couple years, and it’s expensive! But then I thought that it might just be the highlight of her trip. As it turned out, it was the highlight — especially the sea horses exhibit as a whole and the sea dragons in particular.

(Mental note: Arrive at the Aquarium after 3PM. You avoid all of the school and daycare groups, and have a much more manageable child-to-adult ratio. Plus there are just fewer people there.)

Oh! And, we also saw the While You Were Out truck in Baltimore — right across from the Aquarium. Looks like someone in the Baltimore area might be in for a surprise soon! Sigh. I didn’t see Andrew Dan-Jumbo, though.

While You Were Out truck

All in all, a very tiring day. But loads of fun!

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