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I love any day spent at the DMV. It makes me feel like such a vital person in this world.

7:00 AM

We arrive at the DMV an hour before they open. The line is already a third of the way around the building.

8:00 AM

The doors open, but we don’t move very far.

8:22 AM

Andrew has gotten his number, and we sit down while he fills out the form and wait for his number to be called.

8:45 AM
Andrew’s number is called. His paperwork is taken, but I need to run out to get the car’s registration, which they need for the driving test (why they need this is far beyond me). Then we sit back down to wait for his test.

10:05 AM

Andrew is finally called for his driving test. I cross my fingers.

10:20 AM

Andrew comes back, but has not been told whether he passed or not. His comment was, “Nothing disasterous happened.”

10:30 AM

Andrew is called up to have his picture taken. Apparently he passed. Yay!

10:40 AM

We finally get to leave. Andrew has his crisp new driver’s license in hand.

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