Grandma’s Ring

Posted by barb on Aug 30, 2003 in Wedding |

Grandma Bengtson had given Mom her wedding and engagement rings from her first marriage — her marriage to my grandfather. Mom wasn’t sure what to do with it. She didn’t want to pass it on to her sons, but she couldn’t figure out why that felt wrong. When she brought it up, I suggested that if she passed it on to either Kevin or David, and they got a divorce, then Grandma’s ring could be out of the family forever.

Anyway, Mom mentioned this while we were at the fair on Friday. While there isn’t anything official that I could say to her, I suggested (out of Dad’s earshot) that she might want to make up her mind soon if she was going to pass it on to me (her only daughter).

Mom gave me the ring today! It’s very small (both the size of the ring, and the size of the diamond), as Mom had mentioned, but suggested that I could use the diamond as a side diamond in my engagement ring. I’m thinking more along the lines of using it as a central diamond on the wedding band — having a string of about 5 similar-sized diamonds, and as the central one, I will know just by glancing at the ring which one was Grandma’s.

Mom also talked with Grandma this weekend, and mentioned that she had given me the ring. She said that Grandma sounded very happy. I hope she’ll be even more pleased when I show her the ring with her diamond in it.

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