MN State Fair — Butter Sculptures

Posted by barb on Aug 29, 2003 in Pictures, Travels |

Every year counties across Minnesota crown dairy princesses. At the state fair, each princess has her bust done in butter. What other material would you use to sculpt the bust of a dairy princess??

I have pictures to prove it:
Butter scuplting   Butter scuplting

Both are pictures of the cooler in which the sculptures are made and displayed. The sculptures take about 6-8 hours each are are done with a 90-pound block of butter. In the first picture, there is a completed sculpture facing out of the cooler. In the second picture is the princess (on the left) and the sculptor (on the right), both wearing jackets to keep warm.

So, what do they do with the butter that is sculpted off of the 90-pound block? In past years I have been around when someone brought out trays of the butter on crackers. I assume that they still do that, though not while we were watching.

The princesses each take home their own bust at the end of the fair.

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