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Our power went out again yesterday evening. It was off all day today (I’m writing this entry on Saturday, when our power was restored). In all the commotion I forgot about Talk Like a Pirate Day ! <whine>

It was one of those non-days in my estimation. We went down to Arlington for lunch (our stove top is gas, so we could have cooked something, but we also wanted to waste time). We also went to Orpheus where I picked up Train’s Drops of Jupiter and Vertical Horizon’s Everything You Want. I couldn’t actually remember what Vertical Horizon played, but did remember hearing them on the radio and thinking I might like to get a CD. I’m listening to it right now, and am quite enjoying it. I also bought a copy of Starry Night at the Mac store (yay!).

When we got back to the house, we hung around for a while, trying to read by the waning daylight (it’s difficult to read by flickering candlelight). Then we realized that Andrew’s work had power, so there also had to be some restaurants open in that area. We drove up to Herndon, where we both checked our e-mail and a few web pages, finding out that the WABA bike ride on Saturday was cancelled <frown>. We went to a lazy dinner, and finally back home. I called my parents (Andrew still had his pre-cordless phone, so we could use the phone without power) to let them know that we were fine. Then off to bed.

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