Home Again

Posted by barb on Sep 2, 2003 in Random Thoughts |

Dad took me to the airport this morning. About the time my plane should have started boarding, the gate attendant announced that a part needed to be replaced in the cockpit, and they would have a status report at about 10:30 AM (10 minutes after we were to be taking off). Around 10:30 AM, she came on again and announced that the replacement part didn’t help, and that we would be changing planes. Fortunately, there was one available at an adjacent gate, and they would start boarding after the crew was onboard. Shortly after that we boarded, but then waited, strapped into our seats, for what seemed an eternity. After about 15-20 minutes, the flight attendant announced that the catering had just arrived, and we would be free to take off just as soon as the catering stuff was stowed. Ugh. I want my 20 minutes back. I could have done without my pop…

Oh well. This certainly wasn’t my worst experience with lateness and delays at the airport.

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