Another *&^%$ Migraine

Posted by barb on Oct 11, 2003 in Uncategorized |

Andrew and I went out relatively early (for a Saturday) this morning to take in a flea market at a nearby park. We ended up with a new stack of books, and a flyer for another sale in the parking lot of a nearby church. We packed up and headed over to the church. Unfortunately, most of the stuff for sale was kids’ items, which we have little use for. I did pick up a few frame-puzzles and Golden Books for my niece, but that was all that caught our eyes.

After I’d made my purchases, I went over to the bake-sale tables to pick out a small treat. Andrew had already had a brownie, since he had skipped breakfast. Just as I started looking the the array of treats, my vision started to fuzz out. A %$#@ migraine. Well, I still took time to grab some peanut butter and chocolate cookies, but then Andrew and I quickly returned to the car, so Andrew could get me home and into a dark room. Fortunately we had had the foresight to drive the Echo, since Andrew can’t drive my Tercel (it’s a standard transmission). This meant that Andrew was able to drive me home, rather than me trying to navigate traffic again without my full visual field (that’s really fun).

Fortunately, my migraines seem to have changed character over the years. Ten years ago, before I really knew what they were, I would get a debilitating headache that would keep me in bed, in agony, for the whole day. Now it seems that as long as I get into a dark room, with ibuprofen or Extra-Strength Excedrin in my system, I don’t get the full-blown debilitating headache. Don’t get me wrong, it still sucks. After sleeping for several hours, I wake up with a monster headache, but not one that I would prefer death to, and, in fact, I can generally function with the monster headache (I’ve gotten used to headaches recently). In addition to the headache, though, I still have dizziness and usually the “stupids” (that’s what my aunt and I call it — I’m just kind of out of it for the rest of the day, like I’m in some kind of dream state). But at least it’s not the full-blown headache. That’s even worse.

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