Goosebumps Books — #19 and #20

Posted by barb on Oct 26, 2003 in Books |

by R. L. Stine

I picked these up to release on Halloween, so I decided to read them through first. As with the other two I read, these were fun stories, especially for kids.

Deep Trouble (#19) Billy Deep Jr. and his sister visit their marine biologist uncle on his research boat every summer. The kids are supposed to stay away from the coral reef, but Billy is up for adventure. Adventure is what he gets…in the form of a half-human, half-fish.

The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight (#20) Jodie and Mark visit their grandparents’ farm every summer. Grandpa usually tells great scary stories, and Grandma makes the best chocolate chip pancakes nearly every morning. But this year, things are different. Stanley, the hired hand for nearly 20 years, had put up a whole army of evil-looking scarecrows. Grandma and Grandpa seem more than a year older than last summer. And Jodie spies the scarecrows twitching one night…all of them in unison.

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