Lesson 10/01/03

Posted by barb on Oct 1, 2003 in Saxophone |

For months, Fred has been telling me that I should think about a new mouthpiece for my sax. When I was just starting, I bought the cheapest they had, figuring that when I started getting more serious, I would probably have a teacher to help me decide which of the myriad mouthpieces to buy.

Well, the mouthpieces that Fred had had the store order finally came in today. Fred got one ready for me to try, and put in on my sax. Then he had me just play a G. I played like I always play, with as much air as I usually use and with the same embouchure. Holy crap! With that one note, I could tell a world of difference! Not only was the sound louder (which Fred has been pestering me all along to play), but the note was clearer than I’d ever played, and more in tune.

Fred said that I could try the mouthpiece for a month if I wanted, but I decided to take it then and there. I can hardly wait to try playing some of my old pieces with it to see how they sound.

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