Travel Day — Home at last

Posted by barb on Jan 9, 2004 in Random Thoughts |

Ask me how good my steamy, hot, long shower was this morning after not getting one yesterday. I dare you. Ask me.

Oh. Wait. I didn’t have hot water again this morning. I was fooled into thinking that I did have hot water — enough so that I hopped in and shampooed up my hair. But then things started getting cooler and cooler. Turning the water all the way up did not help. So here I am, two days without a real shower.

Yeah. That feels good. Thanks Hilton.

My flight home was delayed, but not by too much, and my luggage made it with me. Any flight where my luggage makes it with me is a good flight.

When I walked into the house, there was a beautiful bouquet of red tulips on the table to greet me. It was from Andrew, Duncan, Ares, and Artemis, though I suspect that Andrew had a big hand in it 🙂 What a sweetie! Of course, I was so tired and worn down, they made me cry, but it was good, happy-to-be-home tears.

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