Two Dreams

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I’ve been remembering bits of more dreams that usual lately — I have yet to figure out what any of them mean, though. Here’s a couple from last night:

The scene is fairy-tale-esque, with castles on every hillside and princes and princesses running around. One princess, though, starts taking out the other princesses, until every kingdom but one is without their princess.

She stops in my kingdom (I’m not a princess…not sure what I’m doing there, but I’m probably just some peasant). She talks into a walkie-talkie, telling the people “downtown” that she’s on her way. No one is happy that she’s here, and there is a groan from the other end of the walkie-talkie.

I throw something to her (not at her, but to her), but she misses it, and it clocks her in the head. She drops, unconscious. Then I rifle through her bag to find the walkie-talkie, and radio to the people downtown that she’s out, and they should come restrain her before she comes around.

I’m in my car, driving on I-66 toward DC to get to Alexandria to check out the hotel we’ve arranged for our wedding guests. I get a little nervous because my car clock says “9:29”, but I know that the HOV restrictions on I-66 (all lanes inside the Beltway) are in effect until 9:30, so I wonder if some cop is going to be a total prick and pull me over.

I don’t get pulled over, but just a bit inside the beltway, where traffic from the inner loop joins I-66, there is a terrible back-up. My lane is fine for a while, so I continue on at 70 mph, but soon my lane slows, too. Suddenly I see the cause of the back-up in the lane in front of me. There is a car, on its side and smooshed, like if you put the car in a vise with the two sides with doors against the vise itself and squeezed. It was the weirdest thing.

I dodged out of my lane, and saw the drivers in the grassy median yelling at each other. I overheard another driver (not one involved in the accident) say that the parties couldn’t work out the details of the accident. A few hundred feet ahead, I came to another car, smooshed in the same way as the other one, and also on its side. I wonder why traffic in my lane comes to a stop, when I realize that I’m the one who has stopped, right in front of the smooshed car. Traffic hasn’t started honking at me, and I wonder why not — I could get around the car, but I just am not moving. I can tell traffic is thinking about honking, but they just aren’t.

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