Cramp Relief

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I do not recommend this to anyone!

This evening, just after Andrew left for his lesson, I was gearing up to start addressing the wedding invitations. Of course that’s when I started cramping. Not the mild, oh-that’s-a-bit-uncomforatable kind of cramps either. The knock-you-down, kick-your-ass kind of cramps. This is not the best circumstances to be addressing invitations.

Before starting, though, I thought I should have some dinner. I wasn’t exactly hungry, because of the cramps, but one migraine trigger for me is skipping meals, and I frankly didn’t need both cramps and a migraine. So, I popped a frozen dinner into the microwave.

When the dinner was fully heated, I reached into the microwave to pull it out, but steam burned my fingertips just as I had it half-way out of the oven. My body did what it naturally does when it percieves some part of it being burned: I recoiled. This left the dinner unbalanced on the edge of the microwave’s opening. And gravity, being what it is, grabbed the dinner, and pulled it to the ground.

The ground is only about 2.5 feet from the opening of the microwave. However, this was enough acceleration to send the contents spraying all over the kitchen when the tray landed. Part of this spray of searing-hot dinner landed on my leg and my wrist. I tried getting it off of me as quickly as possible, but it was not fast enough to prevent a small blister on my wrist and a larger one on my knee.

The good news is that the pain from the burns on my leg and wrist was enough to drive the pain of my cramps out of my mind. In fact, they did not return all night.

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