Pandamania, Trip 5

Posted by barb on Jul 31, 2004 in Around DC, Pictures |

We went out for our fifth panda-hunting trip today. This time we used the Metro a bit more than on other trips, picking up smaller pockets of pandas in downtown DC.

One of our stops was at the Shops at 2000 Penn. There were originally two pandas inside the mall in 2 pandas outside the mall; however, this has become a sancutary for the pandas that have been vandalized in their original locations. As a result, there were actually about seven pandas inside the mall. The ones that have been moved included Red Pandagon, Cro-Magnon Panda, Jazz-E Panda, and The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, all of which we’d already seen in their original DC locations (though, the Cro-Magnon Bear had already been vandalized before we saw him). In addition to these bears, Rail Fence Panda, Coin Panda, Booted (which we’d tried to find on our last trip), and PandArt! are now in the mall. It was quite upsetting to see these vandalized bears in the mall, and I nearly cried when I saw what the vandals had done to PandArt!. People are so inconsiderate.

I’ve posted pictures on Flickr.

Pandragon II Dreamtime Walkabout
Pandragon II Dreamtime Walkabout
Pandulum Pandulum
Pandominium, The Bird Sanctuary
Pandominium, The Bird Sanctuary Pandominium, The Bird Sanctuary

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