Becoming Human

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by Valerie J. Freireich

The Harmony of Worlds recognizes three levels of humanity. The full humans have all rights and may participate in the government. Altered humans, those genetically altered in some way, also have all rights, but are excluded from being part of the govering body. Then there are the toolmen. The toolmen are men and women genetically bred for one of three specific purposes — the subs perform menial labor, the guardians guard, and the probes spy and project outcomes of government votes and schemes.

Alexander is perhaps the best probe ever created. In the course of his work, however, he betrays the Electors. Alex is subsequently “put down” to protect the secrets of the Electors, rather than facing a complete (and deadly) mind probe at Security.

Years later, Alexander’s clone, August, must struggle with his clone/brother’s reputuation. His existence is largely kept secret, and so his life is secluded and lonely. However, when his existence becomes known to the Delegate most immediately hurt by Alex’s betrayal, August’s life becomes all-too public.

Not a bad read; however, it felt under-developed. I had a bit of trouble getting into the story, though I will certainly look up Freireich’s later works.

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