Freaking out…

Posted by barb on Aug 26, 2004 in Wedding |

…and extremely pissed.

This is not a good combination for a bride.

I have three weeks and two days before my wedding. I don’t have a dress. I ordered a dress, and paid in full, sixteen weeks ago. A full four months ago, the dressmaker cashed my check and sent me a reciept. That was the only contact she made. On my measurements sheet I requested that the dress be sent to me August 1, thinking that even if she was a little late, I’d still have a month to get alterations if I needed them.

Sixteen weeks.

According to her webpage (which I’m not giving out right now, since I don’t want Andrew to see the dress), most orders are completed within eight weeks of payment. Eight weeks. It has now been twice that.

According to her webpage, she recommends ordering a dress at least three months before the event. If I had waited that long, I would have been wearing shorts and a t-shirt at my wedding. It’s been more than three months.

Now, I visited her webpage this afternoon, and she’s having Halloween specials. She’s guaranteeing regular orders (i.e. not rush orders) will be delivered in six weeks. And she can’t get me my dress in sixteen weeks?

I was okay until I saw this six week crap on her page. Now I’m pissed. Two weeks ago she said that she anticipated mailing my dress within a week. She mails things priority mail, so if she had, indeed, mailed it last week, it would already be here. It’s not.

I sent her an e-mail yesterday morning, asking (very nicely) what’s going on with my dress. She still hasn’t gotten back to me. She runs an internet business, and she’s either not checking her mail daily, or ignoring mail. I’m not sure which is worse.

I’m freaking out.

And I’m extremely pissed.


Aug 27, 2004 at 10:04 am

Ack! Holy Crap!
Um, do we need to do some shopping for backup, emergency wedding dress, just in case? If everything works out, you could wear it on the honeymoon.
Let me know if I need to make a trip up, okay?

Aug 27, 2004 at 10:19 am

I heard from her yesterday, after sending a “I’m totally freaking out here, where’s my dress” e-mail, and supposedly the dress is arriving before noon today. I’m working from home, so I’ll be here to sign for it. Will let you know when/if it arrives, and how it looks.


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