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I’ve never had any real problems with any neighbors I’ve had, and I really don’t like to start a conflict, since there’s no real way to know how long you’ll be neighbors. But our new neighbors, who are renting the house next to us, are really starting to get on my nerves.

The owner, who lived there for about a year before moving out and putting up rooms for rent, also got on our nerves, but not so much that we needed to say anything. We haven’t actually met the new tenents.

Yesterday the parking lot in our housing development was striped and painted. We were asked to park 2-3 feet from the curb while this was going on. Since Andrew and I were at work, we didn’t need to worry about that. But our next-door neighbor was home, so pulled their SUV out a few feet. In the process, though, they angled the SUV toward our parking spaces. This meant that we could only use one of our parking spots, unless our second car was a Mini (which it isn’t). I knocked on their door to see if I could get them to move before Andrew came home, but no one answered. He parked in a visitor’s spot.

Okay, we thought, we’ll go out to pick music tonight, and the SUV will be straightened out by the time we get back. Lo and behold, when we got home at about 9PM, the SUV was still there with it’s ass blocking our second parking spot.

Alright, we thought, we’ll park in the space of a vacant house across the street, and surely they will move the car by tomorrow. (I think you see where this is going.) It is now 2 PM on the day after the parking lot was striped and painted. The SUV is still there, with it’s ass blocking our parking spot.

I’m going to put up a polite note on their door before I head off for my hair consultation. Anyone want to bet whether or not it will still be blocking our parking spot when I get home? I know where my money sits.

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