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This evening we went to meet with the manager of the Stardust Restaurant, where we’re having the reception. Unfortunately, the manager was about 40 minutes late — her boyfriend’s 15-year-old cat is not doing well, and she needed to help out. Andrew and I are cat-people, so we weren’t mad or anything, just a bit inconvenienced.

We worked out the layout out of the restaurant, and timing for everything. Andrew and I still need to pick entrees and appetizers, but that should be easy. Since it’s all vegetarian, there aren’t as many choices as there would be if we were picking meatly-dishes. (That’s not to say there isn’t a selection, just not as much of a selection — we chose this place partly because they were happy to work with us on the vegetarian-issue. In fact, the chef has come up with a few extra vegetarian dishes that aren’t on the menu for us.)

She is also going to look into what champagne she can get for our toast. This is the only alcohol we’ll be providing — everything else is a “cash” bar, since we’re funding this entire shindig ourselves.

After the meeting, Andrew and I stayed for dinner. Yummy, as always!

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