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Posted by barb on Aug 14, 2004 in Movies |

4/5 stars

I never read reviews. Why? Because I rarely agree with them, and they often give stuff away. By and large, so I heard, the reviewers hated this movie because of the “twist”. I, however, had no problem with it. The set-up was excellent, setting me on edge, and while the “twist” was not necessarily set-up comepletely, I didn’t care. Go see it.

Oh, and we had the <SARCASM> pleasure <\SARCASM> of seeing this film in the “Director’s Hall” at our local theater. Four of the screens are “Director’s Hall”s at the theater. For $2/ticket extra, you get the pleasure of sitting in leather seats and assigned seating. That’s it. Even with our extra $2/seat, they still forced us to watch the ads. And there’s not way to know that the showing is in the “Director’s Hall” from the on-line listings, so our choice was to pay the extra $4 or to wait around for a half hour for the next showing. Frankly, my time is worth more than $4/hour, so we bought the tickets, but I’d like to avoid doing that again. Probably, we’ll only go to this theater if it’s the only one showing a movie we want to see.

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