Wedding Day Reception

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What a wonderful reception! I had the greatest time, though we left a bit earlier than planned because I started getting really tired.

The reception was at the Stardust Restaruant in Alexandria. We were greeted by a chalk message on the sidewalk.
Sweetie outside the restaurant

We checked out the cake right away

And on my way back to the bar for appetizers, I ran into Kirsten, a friend from New Mexico, now living in Idaho, and I hardly recognized her! She looks too grown-up now!
Mushi, Sweetie, and Kirsten in the bar
(Mushi, Sweetie, and Kirsten)

I had put together gift bags for all the kids, and I think they went over fairly well. Here’s Kira playing with her Dad and the pinwheel, and another picture of Brock showing me the Star Destroyer Legos he’d put together:
Dave playing with Kira's pinwheel  Brock showing me the Lego star destroyer

I had also given Brock a Dover “stained glass” coloring book of rocket ships. He colored one for me, but I don’t have a picture just yet — the photographer did get a picture of him giving it to me, so I will have one later.

The Stardust usually serves their soft drinks with little plastic animals, which I love (in fact, I still have all of the animals from previous trips there). I found these fascinating, and started poking them in the cleavage of my dress. The waiter saw how much I loved the animals and brought me a glass full of them!
I get a glass full of
I tried taking a picture of the animals on myself, just to remember my view of them, but it didn’t turn out. Then Sweetie tried taking a picture, which was just silly, but she didn’t have any more luck. I think the photographer got a shot of her photographing my cleavage…

This picture gets the award for most bizarre — it almost needs a caption contest. Note that Andrew and my grandma both look like they’re shouting. Trouble with the in-laws already??
The groom and grandmother-in-law shouting at each other?

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