Road kill

Posted by barb on Oct 8, 2004 in Random Thoughts |

Dear Cunt Whore Bitch Woman who tried to kill me:

Just to remind you, I’m the driver of the car you tried to run off the road yesterday evening. Remember? You decided that not missing your exit was more important than the lives of the dozens of cars around you, and I was the life most directly affected. Fortunately for both of us I have very good reflexes (doubtless from all the video games I played as a child) and my car has very good tires.

Can I make a small suggestion? Perhaps you should stop driving for a while. It is obvious from your behavior yesterday that your priorities have been skewed. It would seem prudent for you to take some time to meditate on what is more important: making your exit or my life. Let me remind you that had you taken my life, which is not a far-fetched notion, you may have been charged with vehicular manslaughter, so it would have had far-reaching consequences for your life, not just mine.

You’ll understand if I tell you that I do not look forward to ever seeing you on the road again. And if you see me first, please endeavor to keep your car as far from mine as possible.

Happy to not be Road Kill no thanks to you

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