Wet San Diego

Posted by barb on Jan 11, 2005 in Pictures, Random Thoughts |

Apparently every time the American Astronomical Society is in San Diego, it rains. This time it has been raining for over a month, and this is a part of the country that usually gets only 10 days of rain per year.

Behind the Town & Country Resort, there is a small creek with a foot bridge which leads to the trolley, San Diego’s Mass Transit Train. When Pat and I went out this afternoon to catch the trolley to Old Town, this is what we saw:

Hotel   Hotel

That golf cart was provided by the resort so we could get to the bridge. However, on the other side of the bridge, the road we needed to cross was flooded as well.
Buses running down the flooded road

Pat and I found a path around the flooding by walking up a block and then crossing. The sidewalk we were on only had about an inch of water. However, when we came back from Old Town, there was more water on the sidewalk — we had wet feet while manning the booths for the cocktail hour tonight.


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