Hotel Rwanda

Posted by barb on Feb 2, 2005 in Movies |

3.5/5 stars

Ten years ago, nearly one million people were killed during three months in Rowanda by the Hutu militants. We didn’t hear much about it in the US because our news media was enthralled by the O. J. Simpson trial.

Hotel Rwanda tells the story of a hotel manager, Paul Rusesabagina, who keeps his family safe at his hotel during this madness. He also takes in over a thousand other Tutsi refugies and uses his connections to keep them safe as well.

This is not a “happy” movie, but is very well done. They manage capture a small bit of what the horror must have been without sinking into the pit of gratuitous gore. Don Cheadle does gives an excellent performance, along with most of the rest of the cast. The exception was Nick Nolte, who turns in an uneven performance, giving the impression that he’s drunk much of the time.


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