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The big 3-5!

Creating the crepe paper curtain

Sweetie flew in last night, so she and I headed off this morning to pick up balloons and ice. (I bribed her my noting that there was a Starbucks next to the party store – this got her going without too much cajolling this morning.) When we got back to the house, Crash and Mushi had arrived (a 4-6 hour drive for them, which they did this morning…yikes!). We used the tall boys to help us decorate for the second phase of the party; though, some things were better left to us girls.

Next we took off for lunch and a quick stop at the Hello Kitty porn store (as Mushi calls it), since Mushi wanted to see what new stuff they had. From there, we headed off to Tysons Corner for phase one of the party.

The girls convened at Build a Bear Workshop, while the guys went off and did whatever. Our party leader was great with our bunch of crazy, fun-loving, more-kid-than-adult adults. Oddly enough, none of us actually picked out a bear at Build a BEAR – there were four bunnies, two puppies, and a giraffe. We all danced while we stuffed our “bears”:
Stuffing Jo Lorna stuffing Henry Laurie getting down as Ruby gets stuffed Stef getting down as Bailey gets stuffed Sweetie gets it on as Harriet gets stuffed Mushi's turn to get down as Margot gets stuffed

After we stuffed our “bears”, we each took hearts for them (I took one heart, everyone else took two). We made wishes on our hearts, and each put one in our animal, and then everyone else put their extra one into my puppy (Jo). Our leader closed up our “bears”, and then we dressed them with the clothes we’d picked out. They were all way too cute! Finally we all took the Build a Bear oath, and we were ready to take home our new furry friends.

All of us!

Then it was time for phase two of the party. Food, booze, cake, presents, games, friends, and conversation at my place. We ate loads of Chevy’s food. I opened some incredible presents from my friends (thanks all!!). Then I made everyone play “Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty”. (Did I mention that the party at my house was Hello Kitty themed??)

Speck's already had too much! Laurie heading for the Vesuvius picture

And, of course, no birthday party would be complete without cake:
Cake! Yup, there's 35 there

I had a great time! I think everyone else did, too, but you’d have to ask them to know for sure. We have got to do this more often!

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Oct 30, 2006 at 9:21 am

“Bribe” is such an ugly word…let’s just say that you know me well enough to know how to properly motivate me….
Love, Sweetie (and Lucy)


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