April Photo-a-day

Posted by barb on May 8, 2012 in Pictures

I did Fat Mum Slim’s April Photo-a-day challenge, here’s my April 2012 at a glance!

My reflection in the front window
1 – My reflection
Colorful post-it notes
2 – Color
Delano post office
3 – Mail
Jim and Ralphie jim
4 – Someone who makes me happy
Tiny buttons at an antique store
5 – Tiny
Post-lunch treat
6 – Lunch
The landscape in shadow
7 – Shadow
Inside my wallet
8 – Inside my wallet
Me with my dollies
9 – Younger me
Pants would have been better!
10 – Cold
Eating breakfast on the couch
11 – Where I ate breakfast
The runner is gone!
12 – Stairs
Kitty in a tunnel!
13 – Something I found
We get to paint! Yay?
14 – How I feel today
Oops, missed this one!
15 – Sunset
Stained glass flower
16 – Flower
Cleaning supplies
17 – Something I don’t like
Wearing a french braid
18 – Hair
Orange-handled paint rollers
19 – Orange
Oops, I missed this one!
20 – Something I drew
This one didn't come from a bottle!
21 – Bottle
Paint roller pan liners
22 – The last thing I bought
Greek salad for lunch
23 – Vegetable
My big guy
24 – Something I’m grateful for
My big girl
25 – Looking down
Stormtrooper Donald
26 – Black + white
Our little park
27 – Somewhere I went
Andrew and Aurora at the dog park
28 – 1pm
At Home Depot AGAIN
29 – Circle
Oops, I missed this one!
30 – Something that makes me sad

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March Photo-a-day

Posted by barb on Apr 8, 2012 in Pictures

Last month I did Fat Mum Slim’s February Photo-a-day challenge….then she went and put together a March Photo-a-day challenge, so I had to do that one, too. Here’s my month at a glance!

        Looking up
1 – Up
Our fruit bowl
2 – Fruit
Neighborhood lights
3 – My neighborhood
My bedside
4 – Bedside
A smile in my magnetic portrait set
5 – A smile
At the dog park
6 – 5PM
My Egyptian fortune necklace
7 – Something I wore
A window into my soul?
8 – Window (into my soul)
Do not feed!
9 – Red
The side of the truck we rented
10 – Loud
Zephyr in the Sun
11 – Someone I talked to today
Southwest Salad
12 – Fork
Don't make a mess!
13 – A sign
A glimpse of clouds in NYC
14 – Clouds
Veiw from my hotel window
15 – Car
Sunglasses on my head
16 – Sunglasses
Green dots on the NYC road
17 – Green
My Desk
18 – A corner of my house
Love this notebook
19 – Funny
That's the littlest grape I've ever seen
20 – Before/after
Catnip is yummy!
21 – Delicious
Our clean dishes
22 – Kitchen sink
Our shower curtain
23 – Moon
Aurora and I saw this deer on her morning walk
24 – An animal
Quick trip to Dunkin Donuts
25 – Breakfast
Robot key
26 – Key
My cartouche
27 – My name
Random stuff from my pocket
28 – Trash
Andrew being silly on the park bench
29 – Feet
Our puppy is spoiled!
30 – Toy
Kicking my feet up
31 – Where I relax

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February Photo-a-day

Posted by barb on Mar 4, 2012 in Pictures

I discovered Fat Mum Slim’s February Photo-a-day challenge, and decided to join in. Here’s my February 2012 at a glance!

      My Office wall
1 – My view today
Words on one of Dad's t-shirts
2 – Words
My hands, old and new
3 – Hands
Strangers at the dog park
4 – A stranger
Just back from my run
5 – 10AM
Does this count as dinner?
6 – Dinner
7 – Button
This is the only sun we'll be seeing today
8 – Sun
Our front door
9 – Front door
10 – Self portrait
Woo at the Zoo
11 – Makes Me Happy
Clean closet!
12 – Inside my closet
My water bottle
13 – Blue
He has my heart!
14 – Heart
Gimme a call
15 – Phone
16 – Something new
It's 5 o'clock somewhere ... here!
17 – Time
Movie drinks
18 – Drink
Default title upload by motoblur
19. Something I hate to do
Fragments of magnetic poetry recorded before it disappeared
20. Handwriting
Me at trail's end
21. A fave photo of me
Where I work
22. Where you work
My shoes, taking me on adventures in The District
23. Your shoes
Inside my bathroom cabinet
24. Inside my bathroom closet
My Keroppi pillow
25. Green
The Moon with Jupiter and Venus
26. Night
27. Something I ate
The spoils of my gumball machine
28. Money
Listening to hubs typing
29. Something I’m listening to

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Exercise your right to vote!

Posted by barb on May 4, 2007 in Pictures

I entered the “Insomnia Photo[link no longer exists – 1/2014] contest, which may end up being more of a popularity contest than anything. The judging will be based on “peer” votes — the top three peer-voted pictures will get prizes, and the top 25 of the peer-voted pics will get passed along to the judging panel. Oh, and the “list all” entries page lists the pictures in order of the “points” they’ve received through the peer voting, so early votes will set up the pictures that get the most voters.

Anyway, go vote for my picture here. You can find it by title, “Tenacity”. You probably need an Apple ID to vote, but if you’ve purchased songs on iTunes, then you already have one, plus it’s free to sign up.

Oh, and this might be a direct link to my pic [link no longer exists – 1/2014].



Happy Spring Everyone!

Posted by barb on Mar 20, 2007 in Pictures, Random Thoughts

White Flowers in our Front Yard

Spring starts this evening at 8:07!

When I got home from the dentist this morning, I saw these white flowers had poked through our brown front yard. They must be ready for spring as much as I am.

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My picture was there!

Posted by barb on Mar 17, 2006 in Random Thoughts

I posted last week that a paper in Duluth, MN wanted to publish a picture of mine, but I wasn’t sure if they had published it. Well, yesterday I recieved an envelop containing a copy of the Duluth News Tribune from March 8, and my picture was there! Yay.

Here’s a scan of the article, written by Robin Washington, with my picture:
Scan of article from Duluth News Tribune featuring my pictures



Me, World-Famous Photographer!

Posted by barb on Mar 9, 2006 in Random Thoughts

A couple nights ago I got an e-mail from a journalist, Robin Washington, from the Duluth News Tribune asking if they could use one of my photos of Rio the dolphin from the Minnesota Zoo. Turns out that Rio died this week at 35 years old, and this journalist was writing a short piece on Rio and an encounter he’d had with the MN Zoo dolphins years ago. I agreed, as long as I got a copy of the paper.

Robin also left a message for me at work, which I listened to yesterday – he admitted that it sounded like a weird request, apologized for stalking me, and promised that it wasn’t a crank call.

I looked for the article on-line yesterday, and it was there in an article titled “…as another Minnesota ballplaying great passes on.” Unfortunately, my picture is not on the on-line version…not sure if they used it in the paper or not, but if they did, Robin promised to send me a copy.

So, now I have a photo published in a Russian magazine, and maybe one published in a mid-size town newspaper. Maybe I should add these to my resume!



Astrophotograph version 0.0

Posted by barb on Dec 27, 2005 in Pictures, Random Thoughts

Armed with my new camera and clear Canada skies, I made my first attempt at astrophotography tonight.

One big challenge was the 40 cm of snow on the ground coupled with a 5-inch tall tripod. Andrew and I borrowed a plastic tray from his mom for me to set the camera on. However, this meant that I either needed to point the camera and see what came out, or crouch in the snow to see if I could figure out what was in the lens. I did the former, so bascially I didn’t know what would come out until the shutter closed and I looked at the resulting picture.

I set the shutter to stay open for 60 seconds (the maximum allowed by my camera). I didn’t set the film speed, but I think it was on ISO 50 — unfortunatley, I think that’s the least light sensitive. The next time I try this, I’ll step through the different ISO settings and the shutter settings. I also want to get a taller tripod.

The first couple of pictures didn’t turn out, and it was fairly cold, so I was ready to give up. Then I got this way cool picture of Orion.

Bolstered by this, Andrew and I decided that it wasn’t quite as cold as we’d thought. I took a couple pointed straight up at the sky, and caught Auriga, Taurus and the Pleiades (click on the image to get to the Flickr pages with the constellations marked).
Auriga, Taurus and the Pleiades

Andrew and I think we might try and go back to Creek Crossing Farm, where we stayed for our honeymoon, and play around with my camera sometime next year. Maybe we could time it with a meteor shower — that would be way cool.



Fun with the camera and the Christmas tree

Posted by barb on Dec 13, 2005 in Pictures

Christmas tree lights     Christmas tree lights

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Catching up on photos

Posted by barb on Aug 14, 2005 in Pictures

I finally caught up with some of my photo albums:


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