Como Park and Cafesjians Carousel

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Early fall is about the best time in Minnesota for a picnic. The humidity is usually at a comfortable level, along with the temperature. While rain can’t be ruled out, at least snow is only a remote possibility. It was with this in mind that Dad decided that we should have a picnic with my brothers and their families while I was home. We decided on Como Park , perhaps because I had yet to visit Cafesjians Carousel in its new location.

Side note: I love carousels, and am a collector of all things carousel-related. I hope to one day have a full-sized, wood-carved, carousel animal in my house (don’t tell Andrew…). Cafesjians Carousel was originally build in the 1910s for the Minnesota State Fair. In 1988 it went to the auction block. A group (calling themselves “Our Fair Carousel”) raised money to purchase the carousel whole. They then went about trying to find a new home for it. For a while it resided in a mall in downtown St. Paul, but it was hard to get to (parking and all). In 2000, it was moved to a better location at Como Park. Como also has a free zoo and conservatory, which both draw a lot of people each year. Hopefully that will mean that the carousel will be able to get enough ridership and donations to continue operating for years to come.

Anyway, we had a nice picnic with Mom, Dad, Kevin, Brock, David, Jennifer, and Kira. Brock’s birthday is in a few days, so we also incorporated a birthday party for him. After that we went up to the carousel, which everyone knew that I would have to ride — everyone else rode too.

Cafesjians Carousel    Dad taking a picture of me taking a picture of him

Here’s a not-too-great picture of the carousel, and a picture of Dad on his horse.

After riding the carousel, we walked through the zoo. I can’t remember the last time I went to the zoo, but it must be at least 10 years. It was fun to watch Kira (my 22-month-old niece) watch the animals. She’s still at the point where she’s discovering a lot of things for the first time. Since my brother, David, doesn’t like the idea of zoos (I can’t say I like it much, either, but I still go), Kira hadn’t been to one yet.

All-in-all, a great time with the family.

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