Getting to MN

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I didn’t notice this the last time I flew (in December), but they no longer ask, “Has anyone unknown to you given you anything? Has your luggage been out of your control since you packed it?” It just seemed wrong.

The flight took off on time, and was mostly uneventful. At one point, though, I looked up from my book out the window, and it seemed as though I was looking out into the abyss. Below the clouds was only darkness — no lush farmlands, no overcrowded cities, nothing. I panicked for a second, trying to get my bearings. Then I noticed a small white line in the darkness — wake behind what must have been a very large ship or barge. We were flying over Lake Michigan. I leaned forward, and could make out the eastern shore, but could not see the western shore through the plane’s wing. I can’t remember having flown over Lake Michigan on other trips; though it’s possible that I just didn’t look out at the right times.

As we neared Minneapolis, the plane had to circle around some thunderheads before landing. In the end, though, we were about on time. Sweetie was waiting for me at baggage claim. It was weird not having at least on of my parents picking me up — Dad is pretty protective of his right to be the first to see me in MN. However, this time, he said that Sweetie could pick me up, and I promised that we would be home for dinner, so he could see me just after getting home from work.

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