Jubilant Crown Diamond

Posted by barb on Sep 23, 2003 in Wedding |

I’m a bit concerned that there’s no chatter about this cut of diamond online. I found the Hunt Country Jewelers web page, claiming to be home of the Jubilant Crown Diamond (they are situated in Virginia, interestingly enough). But, of course, one can’t exactly trust the sellers of these diamonds to be completely unbiased about the diamond.

The only other references I found were on Ask The Diamond Guy:

  • One guy asks “Have you heard of a jubilent crown cut for a round diamond? Looks like it has 49 facets on the crown instead of 33. It would have different recommended proportions than a normal cut, I guess. Any downsides to a stone like that for an engagement ring?”, and the Diamond guy answers “A jubilant crown cut is a high definition diamond due to the increased number of facets on the crown,” and points the guy to the Hunt Country Jewelers page.
  • Another person asks whether the jubilant crown cut should affect the brilliance or the cost of the diamond. The Diamond Guy answers no to both questions.

This leaves me unsure what to do. When I looked at a regular cut diamond and the jubilant crown diamond, I could see a difference — the jubilant crown did seem to have more fire. And maybe that’s my answer. As long as we are happy with our purchase, anyone else’s opinion shouldn’t matter. On the other hand, it’s possible that we could afford either more diamond or more setting if we went with the regular cut.

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