Lesson 11/12/03

Posted by barb on Nov 12, 2003 in Saxophone |

Fred had circled three pieces for me to work on in the duets book last time, but I had only gotten one worked out to any satisfaction. Sarabande by Corelli was one that needed tone, pitch, and phrasing, and it’s also the one I could play with any proficiency.

One of the other pieces was an 18th century piece (#31 in the Voxman book), and I haven’t been able to work up the speed needed to play it. I’m also finding that it feels very long while I’m playing. Fred did mention that one of the next things I need to work on is endurance….

The third piece was one working on syncopation. I knew it would beat me. (#18 in the Voxman book). For some reason, I have a mental block when trying to play pieces where I have to play on the up beat. Rather than continue beating myself up with it, I’m going to work on the bottom part for next week — it’s all played on the down beat, so I should have no trouble with it.

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