Day with Sweetie

Posted by barb on Dec 27, 2003 in Uncategorized |

We started the day with lunch — that’s always a good start. Since my favorite Minneapolis restaurant, The Mud Pie, closed a couple years ago, we’ve taken The Good Earth as a replacement (though not nearly as good).

After doing a bit of shopping at Target (I wanted to get a neck contour pillow so I could sleep better at my parents’ house), we drove over to St. Paul to show Andrew some of the historic, huge houses on Summit Avenue. There were some shops nearby, so we stopped there, too.

Sweetie had been waiting to hear word of her grandfather, who was in for surgery in Arizona, all day, and it came while we were in those shops. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all good news — he had made it through the surgery, but was not doing well. We went back to Sweetie’s place so she could make arrangements to fly out tomorrow.

Since there was nothing else she could do after making reservations, we went to dinner at Broadway Pizza. The first time either she or I had been there was when I visited this past September. Sweetie liked it so much that it’s become a regular part of her meals. I just wish there had been more I could do…

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