More Games More Fun, Week 2

Posted by barb on Jul 29, 2004 in Memes, Etc. |

Our second games class was delayed by a couple weeks, but we finally met again tonight. We played three more fun games.

The first game was Ticket to Ride. This is a railroad building game, where each player attempts to connect various cities based on the tickets they hold. While on the surface, this game looks a bit like TransAmerica (which we played in the Beyond Monopoly class we took last fall), the game play is quite different, and I liked it much better. Of course, I killed the competition in this game, so that might have something to do with why I liked it so much.

The second game was Cluzzle, a sculpting game meant to be more of a social game than anything else. Each person takes a card with several different things listed. For each of three rounds they choose one of the things on the list and sculpt it using PlayDoh-like clay (but without the classic PlayDoh smell). Sculptors get points for each player that gets their word, but no points if everyone gets it. Players also get points for each sculpture they guess. Fun, silly game, but probably not one that we’d buy, since we don’t really do the “social” games much.

The final game we played was For Sale, and auction game. Each player starts with 15 chips, and bids on buildings during the first rounds. During the last round the buildings are then sold. I’m not so good at auction games, so, again, this is unlikely to be a game we buy. It was fun, though, and only took about 15 minutes to play.

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