Bridezilla in the Museum

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After the reception, my mom and dad, their friends Dick and Sharon, Sweetie, Andrew and I ran around the museum and took pictures of Andrew and me still in our wedding clothes.

Our first stop was the IMAX theater — Dad was off packing up the car, so I hopped in line and got our tickets. Hee hee hee…I wish we could have gotten a picture of the face on the guy behind the counter when I first walked up. You’d think they never get brides in line.

I found out later from some of the other guests that they had caught the IMAX show that exited as we were milling aobut in the lobby. They heard a father telling his daughter, “You’ve seen the princess long enough. We need to go now.”

Me in line for IMAX tickets  Waiting for the IMAX show to start

After the IMAX movie, we headed straight downstairs to the dinosaurs, catching a brilliant sunset on the way.

Bride in the sunset  Me and Andrew with the stegosaurus

We ran around the rest of the museum, and got a whole bunch of great pictures. Here are a few.

Me reading to Andrew  My sleeve in the MN river map
Me and Andrew on the tug boat

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