Link Friday

Posted by barb on Jul 15, 2005 in Random Thoughts |

I’m supposed to be working, so I thought I’d blog the easy way this morning — links. Happy Friday!

  • From Pharyngula, “The cost of being a woman in science”. Women have to be over twice as productive in science to be taken as seriously as the least productive men. And, women do this to ourselves as much as the men do it to us. Sigh.
  • Quantum Diaries is a collection of blogs by physicists living through the World Year of Physics. Most of them are personal blogs, rather than “physics blogs”, but still fun to read through.
  • Bitch. Ph.D. urges us to let O’Connor and Rehnquist make their own retirement decisions. Rehnquist doesn’t want to retire yet, and just because he’s been hospitalized doesn’t mean he’s finished yet. Having the country on a death-watch has got to suck. And, sure it sucks for us that O’Connor is retiring, but come on. She’s had a full career, and she wants to spend some time with her husband, who has Alzheimer’s, while she can.
  • Another reason to enjoy the Harry Potter books
  • Just for fun: Calvin and Hobbes are traveling back to the Jurassic


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