100 Things

Okay, here are 100 things about me, in no particular order (other than the order in which they pop into my head):

  1. I was born in Minnesota, and I’m still a Midwest girl.
  2. Since leaving Minnesota, I’ve lived in 3 other states: New Mexico, Maryland, and Virginia.
  3. My heart is in the Southwest. Go figure.
  4. I spent entirely too much time at a 2-year college….5 years, but I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. At first I thought I’d major in English, teach and write on the side.
  5. Then I discovered physics.And math.
  6. I have two bachelor of science degrees – one in astrophysics and one in math.
  7. I also have a master of science degree in astronomy.
  8. And a PhD in astronomy from the University of Maryland.
  9. Despite having a love-hate relationship with being a student so long, I wouldn’t change anything I’ve done, school-wise, because if I changed anything, I would not have found my husband.
  10. Speaking of which, I am happily married, since September 2004.
  11. We got married on National Talk Like a Pirate Day.
  12. Not on purpose.
  13. My wedding day is still the favorite day of my life…it was perfect.
  14. My PhD graduation day and party the next are close seconds.
  15. And my 35th birthday party at Build-a-Bear with my closest friends is a close third
  16. I’ve always been an avid reader.
  17. In fact, I remember entering the MS read-a-thon several years when I was a kid (Hey! They still do that!)
  18. My favorite genre right now is sci-fi, though I stopped reading it altogether for about five years when I was finishing my bachelor degrees and working toward my masters.
  19. I also love movies – sci fi, documentaries, romantic comedies, indie pics, and a few blockbusters for good measure.
  20. I love carousel horses.
  21. And balloons.
  22. I’m a cat person – we have 3.
  23. …and a dog person – we have 1.
  24. I’ve been vegetarian since I was 17.
  25. But I’ve managed to stay fat that whole time.
  26. I’ve been crafty my whole life.
  27. I remember sewing my first bear sometime in grade school.
  28. I also sewed clothing in high school…to weird results, but it defined my style.
  29. My current craft of choice is scrapbooking.
  30. …which combines nicely with my love of taking pictures (I wouldn’t call it photography – I’m not obsessed with the best picture, but rather having a keepsake of places I’ve been and people I’ve known.
  31. My dream vacation has always been to go on a photo safari….
  32. …and that’s on our long-term plan!
  33. We got to take a Mediterranean cruise to see the total solar eclipse in 2006.
  34. Most of our traveling is to see family, though.
  35. I have three beautiful nieces…
  36. …and a wonderful nephew…
  37. …and a cute “nephew”… (my BFF’s son)
  38. …and I do my best to be their “crazy aunt”.
  39. I also had another nephew, but he died when he was a baby…I still cry when I think about him.
  40. I served as a pallbearer at his funeral
  41. …and had nightmares the night before, worried that I would drop him.
  42. I still can’t listen to “Circle of Life” without nearly crying.
  43. Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday…
  44. …not because I’m vegetarian…
  45. …but because when I was in high school, a friend’s wake was on Thanksgiving Day.
  46. Halloween is my favorite holiday…
  47. …and I still dress up to give out candy at my house.
  48. Christmas is my second favorite holiday, not because I like getting gifts, but because I like giving them.
  49. I watch entirely too much TV these days…
  50. …and I’d rather not mention what crap I’m watching, cuz it IS crap.
  51. I love wearing PJs all day when I can get away with it.
  52. Some days I don’t even shower.
  53. My dog loves me on those days!
  54. I have silicon bands around each of my eyes…put there to stop my retinas from tearing.
  55. I have really bad vision with out my glasses or contacts…it was bad before the silicon bands, but worse after.
  56. I knew from a very young age that I wouldn’t stay in Minnesota because…
  57. …I hate winter.
  58. I get seasonal affective disorder
  59. …and have been on prozac in the winter to help me just feel normal.
  60. I also suffer from chronic daily headaches…I’ve had one every day for the past 7 (8?) years.
  61. But I try not to mention the daily headaches very often because I don’t want them to keep me from doing anything.
  62. Migraines, on the other hand, knock me out for a day.
  63. I hate driving automatic transmissions.
  64. I don’t wear makeup.
  65. If I don’t get to snuggle with my guy right before bed, the night feels off.
  66. I used to make killer chocolate chip cookies, but I can’t seem to get them right anymore.
  67. I love assembling build-it-yourself furniture.
  68. I collect Lego sets…specifically Star Wars (original 3 movies) and Indiana Jones sets.
  69. I’ve become a recent smartphone convert…I love my Droid.
  70. I’m a very loyal friend.
  71. And I expect my friends to be the same.
  72. I don’t have many close friends, so I suppose I’m hard to be friends with…
  73. …either that, or I don’t know how to make new friends anymore.
  74. I hate that my closest girl friends live in different states from me.
  75. But I love that we can pick up right where we left off no matter how long we’ve been apart.
  76. I hate talking on the phone.
  77. Which makes keeping up with my friends even harder.
  78. But I love FB and especially Twitter for helping me get closer to my girlfriends again.
  79. I’ve ridden in the business end of an ambulance once…it would have been fun if I wasn’t freaked out by the whole thing.
  80. I started biking again about 8 years ago.
  81. I could barely bike a couple miles when we started then…
  82. …though I now realize that the first mile from our house is uphill, so I probably could have gone further if I’d tried…
  83. …but now I regularly do 25 and 30 mile rides.
  84. I have 2 tattoos.
  85. Summer is my favorite season, even though it gets too f—ing hot.
  86. I’m totally creeped out by koi.
  87. …and monkeys.
  88. I love dragonflies, because I’m fairly sure they are real-life fairies.
  89. My favorite smell is fresh-cut grass.
  90. My favorite sound is a purring cat.
  91. I love how warm, smooth concrete feels on my bare feet.
  92. I also love the feel of corduroy…especially the kind with really big cords.
  93. I have 7 build-a-bear animals…6 of which dress and travel with me (one at a time).
  94. I’m child-free by choice
  95. …never had the urge to have kids.
  96. I’m always sure that I’m going to be late, or in the wrong place.
  97. I hate going places by myself for the first time.
  98. It’s still weird to hear or see Dr. before my name.
  99. I don’t drink coffee, but would tackle  you for a good chai in the morning.
  100. …or a Diet Coke.

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