My very own astromech droid

Posted by barb on Dec 26, 2007 in Random Thoughts

I got this silly little droid for Christmas – just the tension relief a stressed-out, thesis-writing, crazy-woman needs right now.

What fun things did you get?

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Geek Plate

Posted by barb on Apr 14, 2006 in Random Thoughts

I give you one guess as to what kind of car was sporting this license plate:


Gave me a smile!



Geeks and Christmas

Posted by barb on Dec 16, 2005 in Pictures, Random Thoughts

When I went into the office on Wednesday, this is what greeted me on my co-worker’s desk:
My office-mate's Christmas display
Note that those are Star Wars, Star Trek, and NASA lit ornaments.

Not to worry. My desk had this:
Einstein in Dr. Bunson's lab decked out for Christmas

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What Graduate Text Are You?

Posted by barb on Nov 4, 2005 in Memes, Etc.

If I were a Springer-Verlag Graduate Text in Mathematics, I would be Frank Warner’s Foundations of Differentiable Manifolds and Lie Groups.

I give a clear, detailed, and careful development of the basic facts on manifold theory and Lie Groups. I include differentiable manifolds, tensors and differentiable forms. Lie groups and homogenous spaces, integration on manifolds, and in addition provide a proof of the de Rham theorem via sheaf cohomology theory, and develop the local theory of elliptic operators culminating in a proof of the Hodge theorem. Those interested in any of the diverse areas of mathematics requiring the notion of a differentiable manifold will find me extremely useful.

Which Springer GTM would you be? The Springer GTM Test

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