What to say? How about a little elaboration on my “blurb” over there in the side bar?

I’m an:

  • astronomer…I have a PhD in astronomy which was hard-won and is now used to create educational materials for classrooms using up-to-date science and technology.
  • cyclist…I’ve been biking since 2002 when my then-boyfriend (now-husband) bought me a bike for my birthday. When we started, I could barely go a mile or two, but have worked up to doing 25-mile rides regularly, and will be completing my first half-century ride in Fall 2010.
  • scrapbooker…I love embracing my creative side when I can, so I started scrapbooking a few years ago. It’s hardly my only craft right now, but it’s the one I do most often, and get the most joy out of.
  • reader…been reading my entire life it seems, right now I’m loving science fiction, science fact, and paranormal romance (please don’t tell anyone).
  • movie-goer…we have a great art-house theater near our house, so in addition to taking in the occasional blockbuster hits, my husband and I frequently check out the independent and foreign flicks that come through town.
  • cat-and-dog-lover…been a pet lover all my life, had cats when I moved off to grad school and recently got a dog.
  • wife…got so lucky in 2000 when I found my wonderful husband on the wilds of internet personal sites.
  • gamer…love playing video games and board games.
  • and all-around-wonderful-woman…which just goes without saying!

Not necessarily in that order (or all at once).

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