Oddest medication warning ever….

Posted by barb on Jul 24, 2007 in Random Thoughts

Just saw this in an ad for some medication:

Let your doctor know if you are allergic to anything to do with birds, like feathers, eggs or poultry.





Posted by barb on Mar 8, 2006 in TV

I’m watching Adam on Mythbusters sitting in a tub waiting to fart. And now they’re bringing the resulting vial of air to be tested for the gasses present. Are there some lines that shouldn’t be crossed…even in the name of science?

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Posted by barb on Oct 24, 2005 in Random Thoughts

Why am I the first site returned when searching Ask Jeeves for “does sperm whiten teeth”?!?!




Posted by barb on Aug 30, 2005 in Random Thoughts

At Starbucks last night:

Mom (looking in ~6 month old baby’s mouth): He’s got paper in his mouth.
Brother (~5-6 years old): He’s trying to take the Eucharist already.



March of the Penguins did not suck!

Posted by barb on Jul 23, 2005 in Random Thoughts

To the person who found my blog by searching for “March of the Penguins sucks”, you’re an idiot.

That’s all.



Curious License Plate

Posted by barb on Jul 21, 2005 in Random Thoughts

Saw this license plate on an SUV in the lane next to me on my way to work:


The SUV also had a “Washington Nationals” sticker on the back. No other bumper stickers. Take a minute to think of what it might be. I had several minutes as I sat in stop and go traffic on my way to the beltway.

Any ideas? Hm?

Here’s what I came up with: “You’re Womb”, and I was very excited! How cool!

Then my lane advanced a bit on this car’s lane, and I was able to look at the driver. I was expecting a young woman…or even a middle-aged woman…or a woman of any description.

Instead, it was a middle-aged man. He looked kind of paunchy, but dressed in a nice dress-shirt and tie. His hair was receding slightly, and he wore substantial looking glasses.

Then his lane pulled him ahead of my lane again. I stared at the license plate, trying to make something different out of it, but I couldn’t come up with anything reasonable. My first guess could certainly be right — he could believe in the freedom of women or he could be driving his wife’s car. He just wasn’t the person I was expecting to go along with my first guess….

Anyone else have any ideas?



Party in the Ladies’ Room!

Posted by barb on Mar 23, 2005 in Random Thoughts

I was in another building on campus for a meeting this afternoon and saw this sign in the ladies’ room:

When having parties or celebrations in this room, please remember to clean up. Melwood is not responsible for that.

Who, exactly, is going to use the ladies’ room for a party or celebration?



Cereal Box Astronomy

Posted by barb on Jan 28, 2005 in Pictures, Science Musings

Tonight, at the grocery store, I picked up a box of the store brand cereal. Before I could get it into the cart, Andrew pointed out that it had constellations on the back, so we looked a bit closer. There was a star chart with a few constellations, a couple “facts” about the night sky, and a game matching the constellations to information about the constellation. Cool, right?

Well, Andrew noticed a small typo immediately:
Cereal box astronomy

Don’t see it? Sagittarius is spelled with two ‘t’s. Okay, no big deal — it’s just a small typo. Oh, and they repeated this typo in the answers to the constellation matching game!

But then there was another one:
Cereal box astronomy

“A great way to learn about the night sky is to get a start chart”…hum, I think they meant star chart, not start chart. Well, okay. This was the store brand, afterall. They’re entitled to a couple typos for the greatly reduced price, right?

Maybe, but this mistake is just too big to excuse:
Cereal box astronomy

That’s right, the naked eye can see a whole galaxy that’s closer than the nearest star!

Clearly this was just the omission of the word “million” (2.5 million light years away), but even discount cereal boxes need to have some level of accountablility.

You can check out the back of the box
Cereal box astronomy

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