March of the Penguins did not suck!

Posted by barb on Jul 23, 2005 in Random Thoughts |

To the person who found my blog by searching for “March of the Penguins sucks”, you’re an idiot.

That’s all.



Aug 7, 2005 at 8:35 pm

This post made me laugh so hard. Every now and then I do a search on Google for ” rocks” and then a contrasting search for the same item as ” sucks”. I actually haven’t seen the movie yet but plan to. I am sure it is good.
Thanks again for the laugh.

Aug 7, 2005 at 9:06 pm

Oooo…that sounds like a fun game! I’ll have to try it 🙂
A few people have gotten to this post searching for “Peguins suck”, as in the Pittsburgh Penguins, the hockey team. I can’t comment on whether or not they suck, since I don’t follow hockey (and, of course, one might wonder why someone is searching for that when they didn’t even play last year…)


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