Free Cone Day at B&J’s

Posted by barb on Apr 29, 2003 in Random Thoughts |

I dragged Andrew down to Arlington to get a free cone at Ben & Jerry’s . I suppose we spent more on the Metro ride and Metro parking than we would have spent on a cone, but I wanted my Chunky Monkey .

It wasn’t a completely wasted trip, either. We started with dinner at Big Bowl — I had the kung pao tofu (which should not be eaten the night before an annual ob-gyn exam, as I found out the hard way last year). When we walked by the B&J’s on the way to Big Bowl, the line wasn’t long — just to the door of the shop. After dinner, the line was out the door, but it turned out to move quite fast — we were happily licking our ice cream cones within five or ten minutes. Yum!

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