Hell House

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3/5 stars

This was a documentary on the “Hell House” done each year by the Trinity Church in Texas. The hell house is like a haunted house, but they portray people going to hell because of suicide, aborting a child, living as a homosexual, using drugs, or being part of the occult. The last two rooms of the hell house show heaven’s gate, where the few privileged who took Jesus as their savior (or called out to Jesus on their death beds) go through. The rest are chased away by figures in black. In the final room, we see hell itself. People are tied up to the wall being tortured, and there is a plexiglass cut out of the floor where people are seen trying to escape the burning fires.

More than once, the people running the hell house claim that they are not using “scare tactics” to get people to believe. Hmmm. The people they bring to God do not see the loving God of the New Testament. They are swayed into believing because they see a wrathful God out for vengeance against those who don’t believe. These new “believers” believe only to keep themselves out of hell. They believe just-in-case. They gave numbers of how many people had committed or re-committed their lives to Christ as a result of the hell house — they did not, however, say how many of those are still committed to Christ. My guess is that the numbers are much, much lower.

Speaking in tongues is when the holy spirit moves a person to speak in a language not understood by the speaker. However, if it is truly “speaking in tongues”, there will also be someone moved by the holy spirit present who can interpret for those around.

The minister of the Trinity Church encouraged his people to speak in their “love language” to the holy spirit, which everyone seemed to assume was the same as speaking in tongues. IT IS NOT! If you babble conversation to God in some unintelligible tongue, unless someone else is interpreting, you’re just babbling.

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