Public Library Used Book Sale

Posted by barb on Apr 24, 2003 in Books |

For a year (or more) now, Andrew and I have been saying that we can’t buy any more books. He has three large bookshelves full, each 6 feet tall, and totaling at least ten feet across. Though most of the books on his shelves have already been read. I have three and a half smaller bookshelves full, but most of mine have not been read. (I read much, much more slowly than he does.)

But, who can resist a used book sale at the local public library? Not only that, but we went the first night…within the first 20 minutes of the sale. We certainly couldn’t have waited until Saturday when the stock would have been picked over. No sir-ie-bob.

I walked out with a dozen books, including a American Museum of Natural History book on “man’s” exploration of the Universe from the 1960s. Also a smattering of sci-fi and a couple plain fiction books. Oh, and I got John Gribbin’s In Search of Schrodinger’s Cat — it might be a bit dated (1984), but I like Gribbin’s style, and maybe, just maybe I’ll start to understand quantum physics…. (after two undergrad and a graduate class in quantum physics, I realize that this is unlikely…)

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