Weird Dreams

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For the past several weeks, I haven’t remembered any of my dreams, but after the two I had last night, I think I’d rather keep it that way. Last night I bought a do-it-yourself night guard to help me stop my nightly teeth-grinding, so I wonder if the dreams were in some way inspired by that…though they were pretty dark.

The first dream involved a sniper in a DC Metrorail station. It wasn’t exactly a metro station, but somehow I knew that it really was. Everyone had to pass through security multiple times to get to the platform, and getting to the platform involved several long escalators. The platform itself was very high off the ground, and the distance between platforms was enormous.

As I got up to the platform, I saw a group of people gathered around one lady — she was preparing her telescopic sight on a gun, and then pointed across the platform, and said something like, “There are a bunch of people, we can’t go wrong shooting at them.” As soon as I heard this, and the group had moved down the platform, I ran down the long escalator, to inform security. No one seemed to believe me, but two of the people from the sniper’s group had followed me down.

I continued down to the parking lot, with an odd plan. I was going to seduce the female (I wonder if I’d become a male in the dream…), knowing that she would try to kill me with some weird, fast-acting virus that had been used as a weapon before. The plan was to somehow make the virus backfire on her. So, we got into a car (not sure who’s car, cuz later in the dream I drove a different car away), and started having sex, and as soon as she released the virus, I did something (not sure what) that made it invade her instead of me. Her body aged and cracked under me. Very disturbing.

At this point, I got out of the car, evaded the other sniper-groupie, and hopped in a car. I didn’t want to leave, though, because I knew that the sniper was still there, and security hadn’t done anything about it. Instead, I ended up back at one of the security stations, where security seemed to know about the sniper on the platform, and was taking care of it. I also told them about the dead sniper-groupie and that there was one more somewhere in the parking garage.

At some point, I was taken to a relief station by a police officer, since I was pretty shaken up by everything, especially the woman dying right under me. With a blanket wrapped around me, I picked up a newspaper that already had the sniper story in it. I was listed as the one who alerted everyone, and although a couple innocent people had died, I was a hero. At that point of the dream I just started to cry. The guy sitting next to me looked at me like I was an idiot, but let me put my head down on him as I sobbed.

That’s when I woke up. I was feeling very sad and exhausted, and I was ready to cry. My mouth guard was out of my mouth, swimming in the covers.

I don’t remember the other dream is quite as much clarity. What I do remember is that at one point I was in a car with my Dad, two brothers, and my ex-sister-in-law. We were making our way back to my parent’s house (which was the house on Hopkins Circle, that we moved out of when I was in 8th grade). It was very icy, and there was a big semi-truck on it’s side sliding across the yards of several houses. While the grass seemed to slow it down, it did end up crashing spectacularly into the side of one of the houses.

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