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Posted by barb on May 18, 2003 in Around DC |

I got a doll house from Santa when I was in 3rd grade (or so). It was one of those kits that your Dad has to put together. Unfortunately, my Dad didn’t get around to finishing it for several years. By that time I was less interested in the doll house, so it stayed in the basement.

Sometime when I was in junior high, I decided to pull it out again and think about decorating and furnishing it. However, by then I was expected to pay for much of the decorations and furniture myself, but I wasn’t very good at saving money. I didn’t get much further than wallpapering the kitchen and getting stuff for the bathroom (toilet, tub and sink).

I’ve decided that it’s time to resurrect the doll house. I have a real job, so $20 here and there for wallpaper and carpet or a dining room set isn’t much of a set back. Dad has agreed to fix it up structurally, and I’ll start getting things for decorating.

To that end, I went to a doll house and miniature show in Tyson’s Corner this weekend. It was just a couple meeting rooms at a local hotel, but it was a lot of fun to see what’s out there for doll houses now. Several vendors had “out door” things — shrubbery, pool stuff, loungers, etc. I don’t think I’ll need any of that, but it was all very well designed. Another vendor only did miniature flower arrangements. Holy crap! They started at about $65 and went up. The family in my house isn’t that fancy 🙂

I did find several things to buy. I got some wallpaper for the girl’s room, and some carpet (though I’m not sure if the carpet will look good with the wallpaper — still deciding on that — but no matter, I’ll just use the carpet in the living room if I don’t like it in the girl’s room). I also got a few things for the attic playroom — a toy box, kids’ table and an assortment of toys. I decided that I can’t really buy furniture without getting the room dimensions from Dad — it would be way too easy to buy too much.

Oh, I need to remember to ask Dad if he thinks we can put electric lights in the house.

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