Biking to Vienna

Posted by barb on Jun 26, 2003 in Biking |

I finally made it up to Vienna this weekend on my bike! Yay!

Andrew and I set off about about 10AM to downtown Vienna. We started at the library so Andrew could drop off his previous batch of books and pick up a new one. I decided to read at a bench outside the library, not wanting to sit my sweaty body on the library’s cloth chairs.

Then we headed up to Once Upon A Time, a toy store on Church Street, where I picked up a few more dollhouse things (a bunk bed, two dressers and a toy chest, all for the kids’ room in my dollhouse). I dragged Andrew into Terra Christa, a new-age-y type store not too far from the toy shop.

I was getting nibbly for lunch by then, but feared that eating too much would prevent me from riding the 3 miles back home. We decided to try the Knossoss restaurant, where we each had a panini — mine was quite yummy.

Once home, I was quite exhausted, but happy that I’d finally made it into town. Oh, and I was able to make it up the hill on Courthouse both coming and going, which is amazing for me. Yay!

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